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Bringing Back the Blog-Call for papers!

    The NASHRM board has been working diligently to better serve the NASHRM members and we are beyond excited to roll out the use of some exciting tools such as the upgraded website, twitter (@NASHRM253), Facebook: and others to come. Through much discussion we have decided that the blog is also a resource we can use to better serve our members, so we are bringing blogging back-to NASHRM.

    As an affiliate of SHRM we share the same mission to provide networking and creating innovative solutions for our profession through professional networking. At the core of our networking we find that maybe our situations aren’t so unique after all. Can you imagine if we really used each other’s experience as a guide for our own problems; we could begin to solve even bigger problems together! If we continue to network with other professionals in our field we are encouraging opportunities for mentoring and growth to overcome even day to day challenges in our field. Through these experiences we all become better equipped to progress our careers and even our profession as a whole. Our blog will be an open recognition that learning doesn’t always come in a classroom setting and we can share knowledge through funny stories, sad stories, scary experiences and all other aspects of your on the job experience. With that in mind we are doing a “call for papers”. We want our membership to be the life blood of this blog, will you contribute a story? This can be a fun way for us to share in our hardships and to see what HR is like in different industries. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

    -How I learned a lesson the hard way: your first sexual harassment claim, first dealing with the OFCCP, first disciplinary action, etc.

    -Just plain HR funnies: funniest call in excuse, strangest claim that has come across your desk, most bizarre excuse for failing a drug screen, etc.

    -Taking charge of your career path: what are you doing or have you done to set yourself up for success? Have you taken the PHR/SPHR, if so what are some of your study tips or why would you recommend other HR pros take the test?

    -We are HR (the 2014 theme): What does being in HR mean to you? How are you setting the standard for HR in your organization? Why did you choose HR and what makes you HR?

    You can submit a blog post on just about anything HR. It can be a recent experience or it can be something you learned years ago. It can be long, it can be short whatever you feel you want to share! We do expect you to keep it clean, remember we are professionals. If you would like your story posted anonymously we can totally do that, but I will know who it is and I promise I won’t tell anyone.

    You can send your submissions for the blog to (that’s why I’ll know who submittedJ). If you have any questions about the blog, suggestions, ideas, etc. feel free to reach out to me I’d be happy to talk about it!


    -Kristina H. Minyard, PHR

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    Love this!! Great Idea for 2014!!
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