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2014 Blog Archives

    • 2014 Fall Hill Visit

      On September 11th, 2014 ALSHRM Legislative Directors assembled to storm the Hill on topics that SHRM has highlighted as relevant to our profession.  I've told y'all before this trip is awesome. Seeing your Representatives in DC is vastly different from seeing them in your hometown turf. DC just feels powerful, ya know? It is also a lot of fun for a misplaced city girl such as myself, but I digress. So what did SHRM deem important for this trip? Hang on to your seats folks, because for the first time in about five or six trips it was NOT E-Verify!

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    • How Do you Become An HR Influencer? (#SHRM14)

      I was lucky enough to attend SHRM 2014.  I always look forward to the SHRM national conference because it is a great way to connect with other HR pros, while learning from some of the best and brightest HR thinkers in the world today.  As I have grown in my career, my focus at these conferences has shifted away from learning the day to day HR functions to how HR can influence and assist the company’s executive team in reaching company goals.

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    • My First National Conference

      I've (Kristina) asked the NASHRM members that attended this years national SHRM conference to share a post with our members on their experience or their favorite session, really anything that is relevant to the conference to give our local members insight to what went on if they didn't attend. Kirsten Stutts, who is also our chapters webmaster, is the first to post from this series. Here are her thoughts:

      My First National Conference

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    • #SHRM14 HR Motivators: Bobbi Wilson

      During the #SHRM14 Annual Conference in Orlando We Know Next set out to find and interview HR Motivators! Our own 2014 NASHRM President was one of them, here is her Q&A Below:

      Q. What inspires you as an HR professional? 

      I like bringing out the good in people, helping them to achieve more or understand more. In the end I'm helping to enrich peoples' lives through their work.

      Q. What social media platform do you use most for your job and why?

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    • HR and No Kid Hungry #SHRM14

      Two of our very own NASHRM members are involved in the SHRM Blogging Crew for Annual Conference! Ben Eubanks and Kristina Minyard will be attending the SHRM annual conference and blogging about what they learn and their experience. If you are missing out on the conference they, and the rest of the blogging crew, have you covered. One of the tasks the blogging crew has taken on is a fundraiser each year, before conference starts.

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    • People Will Amaze You

      HR Professionals are all so frequently confronted with striking situations and we so often chat among ourselves about “unbelievable” people stuff.  Of course, it’s not really “unbelievable” at all, because we humans contain depths that are never plumbed, so to speak.  And when we hear these stories, we immediately believe them because we’ve all encountered the same, although maybe extremely different, craziness.  Sometimes it’s whimsical, like the person who once made an appointment with me to talk about the buffet plans when I was wi

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    • Spring Hill visit 2014

      Our Alabama SHRM chapters had our spring Hill visit 19 March 2014. We had participants from every district, and several members of our NASHRM chapter joined us. The spring Hill visit usually takes place the day after the SHRM Legislative and Employment Law conference, so the Hill is busy with SHRM members from all over the country advocating for HR! We schedule meetings with each of our Representatives from the House and both of our Senators, but we don’t always discuss the same topics with the House and the Senate.

    • Alabama SHRM State Conference 2014

      We decided to get the scoop for you guys on this years state conference directly from the source. We asked Mike and Melissa to share some of the info with us about what to expect this year. Mike Bean is NASHRMs past president and Melissa DeVore is NASHRMs VP of Programs. Both Mike and Melissa serve on the Alabama State Council this year as conference co-chairs so we thought no one would know the conference like they do! Here is what we found out:

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    • Be a part of the A-Team!

      2014 is an election year for the U.S. Congress. Elections for the Senate and House of Representatives will be held on November 4. In the Senate, 33 of the 100 seats are being contested, and winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, 2015, to January 3, 2021. In the House of Representatives, elections will be held for all 435 seats, and winners will serve two-year terms from January 3, 2015, to January 3, 2017.

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    • 2014 March Workshop Wrap-Up

      If you attend a NASHRM event you typically get a follow-up email with a request to fill out a survey. This request is not out of the ordinary because you get them after you attend a lot of events, not just NASHRM events. We thought it would be fun to share some of the feedback we received through the survey with our members. We utilize the responses from all of the events to better serve our membership and we truly appreciate all participation, positive and negative!

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