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Meet your 2014 NASHRM President!

    To ring in the NASHRM new year I sat down with Bobbi Wilson, our 2014 president and asked her a few questions to get our membership acquainted with her! This is how it went:

    Q. For members who don't know you, tell us a little about yourself.

    A. First I have to say that I love the HR community in Huntsville. Five years ago I transitioned into HR and NASHRM welcomed me with open arms. I have learned so much from our members and am looking forward to giving back even just a small fraction of what NASHRM has given to me. So a little about me: only child, met my husband on a blind date, have a beautiful two year old princess, same best friend since I was ten, bleed orange and blue – WAR EAGLE, Bravo TV fanatic, have been a bridesmaid 11 times, dog lover, and avid reader!

    Q.I know you're excited to be our 2014 NASHRM President, what are you most looking forward to about this role?

    A. My number one reason to serve is to give back to our membership. HR is a challenging profession and as such NASHRM is here to help our members meet and succeed at overcoming these challenges. NASHRM can help by offering innovative programs, small groups for networking, or after work socials to help you unwind. I look forward to learning more about our members and working with the 2014 board to help align these needs with what NASHRM offers.

    Q. What's the one thing you learned from our 2013 President that you will hang onto for your turn in the seat?

    A. Mike has a unique ability to never let you see him sweat, he is actually one of the few people I know that does this well. He stays calm in all instances and I greatly admire his ability to stay focused on the task at hand without letting outside influences interfere with him delivering on his goal.

    Q. You've done some volunteer work with NASHRM in the past, how has it helped your career?

    A. NASHRM has opened up so many opportunities i.e. allowing me to speak to our elected officials during Hill Visits, meeting HR thought leaders from throughout the state, teaching local HR peers in our NASHRM certification class, networking with HR peers while participating in NASHRM NMU, just to name a few. All of these opportunities have increased my HR knowledge and HR network. In fact, I have my job today because I met my boss at a certification class I was leading.

    Q. If someone in HR was considering joining NASHRM what would be your go to sales pitch to convince them to join?

    A. One word NETWORK! With NASHRM you are able to meet HR professionals who are educated, experienced and passionate about the HR profession. Regardless of what stage you are in your career, you can never “know it all” and NASHRM serves as your resource to reach out and speak to other HR professionals to help you along your journey. I recently read, “A good network is really just a circle of friends” and I firmly agree. My fellow NASHRM peers serve as advisors when I need to work through a hard issue, as confidants when I have a bad work day, and as inspiration to help me find innovative ways to serve my customers.

    Q. I know the board is so excited about the theme you decided on for this year and I must say it makes a pretty slick hash tag! Tell us what the theme is and what that means to you?

    A. This year’s theme is “We Are HR!” When I think about NASHRM membership, we are all very different. Much like the employees/employers we serve, we have different life goals, religions, political views, educational backgrounds, ages; the list could go on and on. Even with all of these differences, we have a common goal – be the best HR professional we can be! So “We Are HR” is our rallying cry to step out from behind the typical HR stereo-types and use what is unique about each one of us to better serve the HR profession.

    Do you have questions for Bobbi? Leave them in the comments and we will make sure she sees them.


    Submitted by Kristina H. Minyard, PHR



    Member Comments

    I look forward to learning and growing as a member with NASHRM. I am truly passionate about Human Resources and all that it stands for. I look forward to meeting other HR professionals that share in my passion and learning a great deal of HR knowledge from each of you. Thank you.