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2014 March Workshop Wrap-Up

    If you attend a NASHRM event you typically get a follow-up email with a request to fill out a survey. This request is not out of the ordinary because you get them after you attend a lot of events, not just NASHRM events. We thought it would be fun to share some of the feedback we received through the survey with our members. We utilize the responses from all of the events to better serve our membership and we truly appreciate all participation, positive and negative! We review the anonymous feedback every month as a board, but the programs committee carefully reviews all of our feedback to make sure we are doing our job as a chapter for our members. We are dedicated to bringing you content that is relevant for your workplace and will assist in your own professional development. Here are some of the things that we heard back from our membership:

    • Speakers exceed expectations; they are leading edge and provided resources that should even help the 20% who may be nay sayers.
    • Leadership Team! Great Job. Topics like this work great. You thought outside the box, planned, executed, and hit a home run! I walked away not feeling drained! Yeah!
    • This workshop was outstanding. It was well worth the money and time. I really appreciate the effort to provide a workshop that was not only informative but that offered more than 2 or 3 recertification credits. The price was a deal.
    • Great speaker, great event!
    • The workshop was great, as was the vendors, who were very knowledgeable and had very good people skills.
    • Excellent speakers!! They both did a great job.
    • Best NASHRM workshop ever!
    • While seminar was heavy on recruiting (our company does little or none), they did a fair job of tying the skills they were teaching to other HR Generalist needs. Food was terrific - thanks for the vegetarian options!
    • Good session, great value for cost.

    I can say this is exciting to read and it reassures us that the March workshop was a success! As a board we wanted to do something different than what we have done in the past and through brainstorming sessions and thinking outside of the box the March workshop was born. I also reached out to a couple of attendees to get a more detailed response from them on what their takeaway from the workshop was and I was blown away by their answers!

    Donna, an executive VP of a company here in Huntsville had this to say:

    I really enjoyed the overall conference. I was impressed with Tim and Kris. They kept it funny and yet gave a wealth of information. It really is good for the “old dogs” to hear about new tricks.  Sometimes we get stuck in doing the same old thing when there are better more cost effective ways to do them.  Their ideas about ways to use the social media was very helpful. I will not be so quick to negatively judge when I see someone using social media at work. I really like the suggestion of moving recruiting to Operations. The tips they gave for negotiating salaries were very good. As an owner of a company, I was interested in the chart that Kris presented on the amount of people to make a profit and how that has changed over the years. I think we, as owners, need to do a better job of communicating, the lack of pay, the hours worked and the risk that we have taken ourselves and our families to get to that profit line. It definitely made me aware that there are many tools that we aren’t using and many we could use in a more productive way!

    Another NASHRM member, Terra who is a corporate recruiter said this:

    Tim and Kris did an outstanding job of reenergizing my recruiting mindset.  It is so easy to get in the day-to-day activities and lose sight of what’s truly important…managers are begging for talent and we need to be able to effectively recruit talent.  As recruiters we need the right tools, processes, technology and social media channels in place to be successful.  Don’t water down the process and make it difficult for the recruiter/hiring manager.  Thank you NASHRM for getting these 2 ROCKSTARS to Huntsville to shake up the HR and Recruiting community!

    As a corporate recruiter myself I think that Tim and Kris brought some great points to the table for us to consider. Have you implemented any of their ideas yet? Were you doing some of them already? What would you tell another HR professional was your biggest takeaway? Tell us in the comments, we love to hear from our membership!!


    Submitted by Kristina H. Minyard, PHR


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