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People Will Amaze You

    HR Professionals are all so frequently confronted with striking situations and we so often chat among ourselves about “unbelievable” people stuff.  Of course, it’s not really “unbelievable” at all, because we humans contain depths that are never plumbed, so to speak.  And when we hear these stories, we immediately believe them because we’ve all encountered the same, although maybe extremely different, craziness.  Sometimes it’s whimsical, like the person who once made an appointment with me to talk about the buffet plans when I was with a previous employer.  I was all set to tackle a lunchroom issue of some sort, only to find that the guy had questions about the FSA – the connection being “cafeteria” plan.

    Or sometimes the stories stem from stupidity – such as the guy once who was fired for failing a reasonable suspicion drug screen with another previous employer, and then when we posted the position opened due to his departure, he applied for the job.  (Well, that is pretty close to unbelievable.)

    My blog thoughts today consist of that sweet reminder to all of us that people will amaze you in wonderful ways as well.  And although we tend to have more fun telling the crazy stories, people do wonderful things all the time, too.  Such as the response of some individuals in my company who were provided an overhead charge code to use in order to get paid for the days we were out in April 2011 due to the tornado disaster.  Our employees got out and volunteered during those tough days, and the company was set to pay them their normal pay for all of those days.  Some of our employees declined to use the charge code, saying they were actually okay and would leave those dollars on the table for others who needed them more.  People will indeed amaze you.

     Extraordinary people who do extraordinary things cross your path every day.  Don’t overlook that in this crazy world.  You have a front row seat to the best in people.


    Submitted by Juanita Phillips, SPHR