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Welcome to the NASHRM Blog!

    We are excited to have you join the blog and get all the information that you might have missed. We all make plans, but sometimes we just can’t make that meeting or attend that monthly luncheon, well the NASHRM Blog is here to help!  

    We are looking to give our NASHRM group all the ins and outs of NASHRM. If you missed the Monthly Luncheon, Best Practices, want to know more about the NMU Program, Certification Training, the Foundation, you can find all the information out on the NASHRM site and NASHRM Blog!

    We will have different board members contribute to the blog every month, to highlight a few of the special projects NASHRM has in the works.

    Check back here, at least once a month, to get your NASHRM update!

    Let’s start a conversation Huntsville HR …