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    Welcome to the NASHRM Membership Webpage!

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the North Alabama Society of Human Resource Management, your local go to for all things Human Resource Management in the Tennessee Valley!

    We strive to accept members of the community who want to enrich their career. NASHRM seeks to promote the professionalism of the Human Resource Management field by offering members a wide variety of professional development opportunities and a common forum in which to share ideas and experiences. NASHRM will create an environment, which promotes accountability, involvement, organization alignment, diversity, and high performance.

    Membership is determined by a set of defined criteria outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of our Chapter.

    All memberships must be approved by our Board of Directors during the Board Meetings and Memberships are valid for a 12-month period.

    Membership Fees:

    Click Here to Apply Today!

    SHRM National Member Discounts:
    New NASHRM Member: $40
    Renewing NASHRM: $40

    To apply for membership, please complete the membership application in its entirety, including payment and SHRM National ID.

    Non-National SHRM Members:
    New NASHRM Member – $65
    Renewing NASHRM Member - $65

    To apply for membership, please complete the membership application in its entirety, including payment. Put “NA” in the SHRM Member # field and send your current resume to  for consideration.

    Interested in joining SHRM National?

    Sign-up for a National SHRM Membership and receive a $15 discount by using promo code “0118″. (Available for new memberships only). Joining SHRM National also provides you with a great opportunity to dive deeper into your HR career. Events, resources, tools, and learning from both SHRM and NASHRM provides your career with the best possible resources at your fingertips.

    No matter where you currently stand in your career, we strive to make NASHRM your #1 Resource for Human Resource Management.

    For more information regarding Membership Registration, please contact our Vice President of Membership at .